The Case for Advance My Baby

Cost Risk Benefit Analysis for Advance My BabyDo you think parents whose children take medication today would have believed it if someone would have predicted it when their baby was but a few days or months old?

Do you think parents whose children are in prison would have believed their child was headed there if someone predicted that on the day of their birth?

Of course not, no one could make such a prediction and be accurate.

However, by using the Sensory Processing tools found in Advance My Baby, the manual, you can minimize, perhaps even eliminate, such events from occurring. Advance My Baby the manual and AMB On-Line Assessment are two products found on this website that provide an insurance policy of sorts to prevent that from happening. You could perhaps classify it as preventative medicine if that helps you understand the value of Advance My Baby.


There are 25 million children under the age of 5 in the United States and far more around the world.

Over the past 15 years, autism has skyrocketed;
there are 500,000 premature born every year, according to the March of Dimes (research shows premature births are predisposed to some type of sensory disorder); and
the U.S. Center for Disease Control says 1 out of 10 children is ADHD … and the numbers are rising!
(Parents spend $30 to $100 a month — co-pay insurance, mind you — for medications.)


Recently, Advance My Baby talked with a person involved in a county government program to help “slow” children. They said most children are diagnosed with sensory disorders when they enter first grade. This is because parents are not in the practice of assessing their baby or child before that time.  The first time it happens is when they go to school and by then, the child is behind. Some schools have a roomful of these children.  Often, parents are in denial about their child and their lack of abilities. Parents of newborns would never be thinking about these negative issues, yet it is when the baby is 0-3 months that a parent has the greatest ability to create the optimum developmental environment.

A policeman points out the problem with children he sees are the young mothers who do not know what to do to provide this optimum development.

Bullying is a big issue; and research shows many bullies end up in prison. A percent of people in prison had sensory processing disorders as children that were not addressed.

Medical Community

Our observation is that some nurses have not been exposed to Sensory Processing and at first, discount the effectiveness because it is out of their scope of expertise. As nurses and doctors see the transformation in children (sometimes their own) in a relatively short period of time — without medication — the medical practitioners become believers in the power of Sensory Processing (also called Sensory Integration). Sensory Integration integrates the senses into everyday life, which in turn develops the central nervous system allowing the child to reach their greatest potential.

Sensory Processing is a natural method that has profound neurological effects.
It is Advance My Baby’s objective to promote Sensory Processing as a household term that everyone understands.

The Federal government spends billions of dollars to fight the ill effects previously mentioned.
Advance My Baby wants to affect those programs and reduce taxes and burdens for everyone.

Baby Costs

It is generally agreed that it costs parents $10,000 in the first year of a baby’s life. The expenses go up dramatically if there are sensory issues, autism and host of other issues. Under “normal” situations, one of the most expensive purchases is the mattress on which the baby will sleep. A parent may spend $350 – $950 for this item. That is honorable; however, helping the child develop their sensory system is far more valuable.

Sensory Processing has been called “nutrition for the brain.” No one would think of nutritionally starving their children, but yet so many are starving their babies neurologically and they do not even know it.

This is the reason for Advance My Baby. Our aim is to join the growing chorus of those who understand Sensory Processing and want the world to know.

May you see the value of investing in sensory development for your baby.

If this information does not communicate with you the benefits of investing in the Advance My Baby manual or AMB On-Line Assessment, then join us on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) for a webinar that delves deeper into these issues. Call us to reserve a spot. 855-AMB-BABY (855-262-2229)