Assessment Definition

Get started today by taking the free AMB online assessment. Through a series of online questions, the assessment will measure your child’s development against their age to gauge where they should be performing. Results inform you where they are excelling and where you want to work on improving.

Sensory Processing/Integration Definition

Our sensory system is made up of seven basic senses: smell, touch, taste, vision/visual perception, hearing/auditory processing, movement/balance, and kinesthesia/muscle tone. Sensory Integration (also called Sensory Processing) is the brain’s ability to interpret, organize, and respond to the information that we receive through thee senses for functional behavior. It receives sensory messages and turns them into responses. This helps us orient to the world around us. It helps us relax, concentrate, and move safely throughout our day. The more effective our nervous system processes the information it receives, the better our response to the stimulus, and the more coordinated, or “in sync,” we become with our environment.

Begin Assessment 

NOTE: An investment of 1 hour is necessary to complete this important assessment. Please plan accordingly.