Advance My Baby Author Named
Finalist for 2011 Woman of the Year

Baby Development Expert Paula Tarver recognized by
Tampa Bay Business Journal for contribution to babies and their parents

ADVANCE MY BABY, INC. – June 23, 2011 > Paula Tarver, author of Advance My  Baby, the manual, and President of Advance My Baby, Inc., was named Wednesday by Tampa Bay Business Journal as a nominee for
the 2011 Woman of the Year.

Tampa Bay Business Journal, in making the announcement, had a record 360 woman nominated in eight categories. There are five finalists in the Education category and a winner will be named at a formal event in August at The Vinoy Resort & Golf Club in St. Petersburg, FL.

The longtime occupational therapist was asked a variety of questions to reach the finals including ones about the path she has taken and the contributions she has made to the community.

Mrs. Tarver has contributed a life of experiences and knowledge through the company she co-founded and manual she has co-authored.

Mrs. Tarver’s educational training and personal methodologies helps children reach their full potential. Her work in writing the Advance my Baby manual, which was co-authored with Jeanne Martin, is a must for caregivers charged with baby development.

A manual designed and printed in this manner was not in the marketplace and Mrs. Tarver recognized the need. The content, complete with a daily Home Checklist to guide a parent in developing all the sensory systems of a baby,  is the first such manual to guide parents, child care teachers, therapists and medical professionals in helping children reach their full potential.

The companion AMB On-Line Assessment she co-authored with Mrs. Martin, literally saves parents thousands of dollars over the life of their child.

While the Federal government is running up trillions of dollars of deficits, parents save thousands of dollars simply through baby development, concentrating on sensory processing, according to Mrs. Tarver.

“No matter the socio–economic status of a parent, Advance My Baby, is creating a new standard in parenting and by joining with Advance My Baby, parents can save thousands of dollars and the Federal government can save millions of dollars over the lives of these babies,” says Mrs. Tarver.

Advance My Baby is part of an entire educational and training process to turn back the tide of troubling child trends. Since the late 1990s, there has been an epidemic of premature births, skyrocketing autism and quickly increasing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). In November, The Center for Disease Control reported one out of every 10 children have ADHD, costing parents and taxpayers.

These trends can change by parents working through the Advance My Baby manual during the first three years of a baby’s development and then assess the child’s progress every three months through the AMB
On-Line Assessment

The manual may be purchased online at or on Amazon.


Advance My Baby Unveils New Standard in Parenting

Sensory processing — “nutrition for the brain” —empowers / equips parents with developmental knowledge necessary for their children to reach their full potential.

ADVANCE MY BABY, INC. – February 1, 2011 > Advance My Baby, the 200+ page manual that takes a systematic approach to advancing babies during their developmental years, is off press and ready to “create a new standard in parenting.”

Advance My Baby is part of an entire educational and training process to turn back the tide of troubling child trends. Since the late 1990s, there has been an epidemic of premature births, skyrocketing autism and quickly increasing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The Center for Disease Control in November said one out of every 10 children have ADHD.

“We don’t know if we can solve all problems, but we have a record over the years of providing hope to those most frustrated in our country,” says co-author Jeanne Martin. “We also provide the building blocks for academic success, athletic prowess, and social and emotional balance in life.”

Ms. Martin gave birth to a daughter in 2009 and is using her own teachings. Today, the 14-month-old toddler has achieved developmental levels of toddler’s 25-months-old.

Advance My Baby is a day-to-day system taking a baby from birth to 36 months of age. Each chapter concludes with a Home Checklist to monitor activities that are all designed to enhance the “Sensory Processing,” experience. Sensory processing is tracked in six developmental categories and measures gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, language, self-care and social and emotional skills.

“It is our goal that “sensory processing” becomes a household term that every mother in the world knows about and is aware of it,” says co-author Paula Tarver. “No mother in the world would intentionally nutritionally starve their child. But it is our belief that without knowing it, many parents are neurologically starving their children.”

Sensory processing has been called the “nutrition for the brain.”

Occupational Therapist A. Jean Ayres is credited with first pioneering sensory processing in the 1960s. She came to understand the importance of the central nervous system and its importance to behaviors and the way a child progressed.

Ms. Tarver and Ms. Martin are licensed occupational therapists, each with over 16 years of experience. They have worked with thousands of children, transforming them in six months. Over the years, parents asked them why they had never been taught the techniques the two women used. Such questions led the women to produce the hands-on child-development manual.

Advance My Baby – the manual, is written in a casual manner using red boxes showcasing activities and exercises. The red boxes combine with photographs and a graphically attractive layout that is eye appealing. Information is easy to read and comprehensive. Blue boxes contain information in a more formal tone and provide some of the most important considerations a caregiver should take in regard to baby development.

The manual is designed for not only parents, but OB/GYNs, birthing hospitals, pediatricians, church daycare centers and church nurseries. The principals of Advance My Baby have identified these five sectors in order to touch every baby born.