“In my practice, I have now made Advance My Baby a central part of my early childhood care.”

— Dr. David Berger, MD, FAAP Wholistic Pediatrics, Tampa

Advance My Baby – the manual, is a quality publication with over 200 pages, printed on paper designed to last for generations. If you spill something on the pages, you simply can wipe it off. The manual weighs 2 pounds 4 ounces. This manual is designed to be with your family and used every day from Day 1 of your baby to day 1,095 (36 months). At $39.95, that is only 1¢ a day.What better investment could you make in your child than this manual? Think about purchases you have made over the past 12 months of more than $50. Will those purchases for Christmas or birthdays have a more profound effect on your child than this manual? The foundational level created by this book will last a lifetime and could literally save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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