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What is sensory processing?

It is the brain’s ability to interpret, organize, and respond to information that is received and turn into functional behavior. It allows us to orient to the world, relax, concentrate, and move safely through the day.

What is Sensory Integration?

For Advance My Baby, it is a systematic approach to advancing babies during their development years.

Why is this important in my baby’s development?

It is commonly referred to as “nutrition for the brain” and has the power to transform all babies born. Sensory intervention counteracts autism, is a key to growth in premature babies, and can be an alternative to ADHD medications.

Is it necessary to concentrate on this early in my baby’s life?

Absolutely. You must!  When babies are born (actually before birth), their sensory systems are on high alert and take in every stimulus. The brain is designed to constantly take in sensory information for optimal brain function. When it is deprived of daily stimula­tion, it malfunctions, re­sulting in the inability to process information re­ceived
through the senses, leading to developmental delays.

The birth of my baby went smoothly. Why would I need sensory development?

Sensory development is for EVERY baby and parent! Studies have shown 1 in 6 children experience sensory symptoms that are significant enough to affect functional aspects of every day life. Research shows most baby development is learned from family members and friends, from reading books and internet research. However, that research shows most parents do not know when their baby should be off the bottle, when it should be able to lift its head and push up onto its arms, and other such milestones. Advance My Baby partners with parents using a systematic approach to track their baby’s development and teaches them about sensory integration and normal development.

I see quite a bit of discussion about sensory integration on the internet. Why have I never heard of this?

The knowledge of sensory development has been with Occupational Therapists for decades. As is often the case, many of the world’s greatest discoveries are accidental. Advance My Baby is no different. Through years of working with babies, authors Paula Tarver and Jeanne Martin began to understand the importance of working with parents. This became urgent over the past 10 years as autism diagnoses have skyrocketed, premature births are at near epidemic proportions and according to the U.S. Center for Disease Control, 1 out of 10 children are diagnoses with ADHD. The cost of medications for ADHD has grown to $5.4 billion a year. 30 years ago, these were not issues. Advance My Baby is doing what it can to help caregivers advance their babies to their full potential. Please help Advance My Baby transform the world —one baby at a time.

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