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Discover the secrets to success that can help your child reach their full potential — as a student, as an athlete, as a productive and successful member of our society. You can develop these benefits into your baby by spending as little as 30 minutes a day using the techniques found in Advance My Baby – the Manual.

The results-oriented system we’ve designed allows you to create the ultimate platform for your baby’s developmental progress. You’ll chart that progress with our Home Checklists that keep you on track every day for the first 36 months of your baby’s life.

Your baby is a miracle, and you are not alone in wanting that miracle to unfold in the best way possible. We will be with you every step of the way. Learn More about Advance My Baby today.

The manual is a unique work. It is highly readable and extremely practical.“— Michael Barton, teacher

browseAs a board-certified pediatrician since 1997, I am always looking for tools to improve the overall well-being of the children in my practice. As the father of a child with sensory issues who had developmental delays, my wife and I spent many years working with physical and occupational therapists to meet the needs of our son, and through dedication and hard work we were able to help him develop into a wonderful child.

Several years ago I was introduced to Paula Tarver, Jeanne Martin, and their revolutionary handbook, Advance My Baby. Paula and Jeanne are experienced pediatric Occupational Therapists who have more than 35 years of experience combined with specialized training in sensory
integration and child growth and development. On first reading of Advance My Baby, it seemed like a wonderful tool that parents could use to screen for developmental delays with their infants in a real-time manner. It also showed parents how to interact with their young children in a meaningful and fun way, while at the same time helping to progress the child’s developmental skills. But I also saw another potentially
useful role for this book. Children with developmental delays, including those with autism spectrum disorders, usually have holes in their
development that need to be filled in order for more progress to be made. A family could start at the beginning of this book and find what areas of development still need to be worked on so that the child can progress as quickly as possible. Even without the aid of a formal clinical evaluation, parents are able to identify their child’s challenges and deficits through the free, online assessment and then use the manual to help advance their child. It is now widely accepted that early identification and intervention is imperative for a child to have an optimal developmental outcome and for the child to reach its full potential. Far too often, a year or two passes before a child is properly identified and intervention is initiated. When a family is given a tool such as this book, they can identify any deficits as soon as they arise and start to correct them.

In my practice, I have now made Advance My Baby a central part of my early child-hood care. Parents are encouraged to purchase this manual as soon as a child is born and to continue looking at it for all of its useful information from infancy through toddlerhood.“— Dr. David Berger, MD, FAAP Wholistic Pediatrics, Tampa, FL